Junior Yeshiva

A junior Yeshiva whose uniqueness is the use of a wide range of teaching methods, which enables many students to strengthen both in the Torah and general knowledge while strengthening the values of Chasidic philosophy.

A father to his students

All his life, Rabbi Yoram ZTVK”L was a magnet drawing hundreds of thousands of Jews who sought his presence. Over the years a group of believers started to grow, whose members chose to move to Netivot in order to be close to their revered Rabbi. He showed his students
the same personal approach and compassionate and loving eye he had for anyone who came seeking his help. The Rabbi embraced any student who required his help or support, and always became personally involved in each and every detail.

The challenge

Hundreds of graduates from the “Beer Mayim Hayim” network are currently seeking an educational framework in which they could continue their studies; a sharp and sustained growth has been registered in the ultra-Orthodox population of southern Israel and, specifically, in Netivot; and the relative scarcity of Sephardi yeshivot in southern Israel; have all led the Rabbi to decide that a new educational institution was required to offer low- income families affordable but nevertheless uncompromisingly high-quality academic and Jewish religious education.

The response

In 2003 the Rabbi started a small yeshiva, the uniqueness of which lay in the large variety of learning methods it applied. This very special learning place allowed many a student to connect and find a place in it, strengthening not only their knowledge but also their spiritual
and religious values. Characterized by a Haredi-ultra-Orthodox philosophy, this yeshiva not only promotes the values of Hasidism but also operates in light of this great movement’s principles. For many years the Rabbi strictly insisted that the yeshiva’s educational path should be one of acceptance and personal accompaniment for every student, out of a true belief in each and every one and in order to help each student grow and find his own expression in his own way. The Rabbi believed in the students’ capacity to grow and become God-loving and God-fearing individuals; indeed, over the years, graduates of this yeshiva have successfully joined top-level and highly distinguished Jewish religious institutions.

Our goals:

Help in tuition fees –
The population of southern Israel generally has a low socioeconomic background. In order to allow them to become part of the yeshiva, the Association charges tuition fees that are significantly lower than the actual cost of each student; the financial support received from the Ministry of Education is only partial. In order to keep maintaining the yeshiva we are required to provide student with supplementary funding.

  • The annual cost per student is $7575
  • The Ministry of Education contributes $2452 per student per year
  • The annual tuition fees are $1936
  • The unfunded share for each student is therefore $3187 per year
  • There are 71 students attending the yeshiva this year.
  • The total required difference is therefore $226,227.

Renovation and infrastructure renewal

The yeshiva has been in operation for over 16 years; its maintenance is a large, complex, and expensive task, which is mostly funded by the Association, since the funding received from the Ministry of Education for this type of institution is minimal and unsatisfactory. The current yeshiva building requires major renovation to fix problems having appeared over the years and to adjust to the constantly increasing number of students.
Furniture and equipment (beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, etc.) Also require maintenance and replacement due to constantly Changing needs and conditions.

For this purpose, we require $40,500